Hue Jackson to jump in a lake for charity

Hue Jackson is a man of his word, but his doctor still had a say.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns head coach is going to make good on his promise from after the 2016 season to jump in Lake Erie if his team went 1-15 again.

Of course, the Browns went 0-16, so there was technically a loophole. But a promise is a promise.

Nobody, including the media, is taking the Jaguars lightly anymore. That’s reason to celebrate.

Those who believe the Kansas City Chiefs had gone as far as they could with efficient but conservative quarterback Alex Smith have to be fired up: It’s the dawn of a new era.

Henderson was a sixth-round pick last year. He ran seven times for 13 yards and caught two passes for 36 yards and a touchdown in five games during his rookie season.

Smith was the league’s highest-rated passer last season, but the Chiefs were booted early in the playoffs—in excruciating fashion—for the fourth time in a five-year span. And so it was time to make a change. The veteran was traded to the Washington Redskins in March, paving the way for cannon-armed 2017 No. 10 pick Patrick Mahomes II to take the reins.

Mahomes has a lot to prove, and there’s always a chance a young quarterback will fall on his face. The floor is lower since he’ll be replacing Smith, but the ceiling is also a hell of a lot higher. And I think Chiefs fans will take that and run.

It seems like every year we find ourselves saying the Los Angeles Chargers were better than their record. Injuries and bad breaks always seem to get in the way for a franchise that often feels snake-bitten. But that dynamic also gives us a good reason to look forward to the 2018 Chargers season. cardinals_044