Gardner and manager Aaron Boone each said they hoped Gardner would be back Wednesday.

Until Gardner’s return, the 23-year-old Frazier will continue to get looks. So far, he’s made the most of them.

Going in to Tuesday’s game, Frazier had three hits in eight at-bats (.375 BA) including a double and an RBI in four games in the majors. Monday’s call-up was his third of the season.

Working every single day on getting better and I think he’s done a really good job of that. He’s gone back down each time and played really well and produced and all the reports are what you want to hear. So it’s not a player going down there and frustrating and sulking and that kind of stuff. That gets me excited. And even (Monday) night, when he pinch hits, he goes up there on the hunt and takes a good rip on the first pitch on a good pitch to hit. A lot of times you’ll see a guy go up there and take a pitch. No, he’s on the attack, boom, fouls a pitch back… excited to see him get in there and expecting him to be one of the guys to produce now.

Only one game will be played at Prudential Center, which will be part of a pair of split-squad games to open the preseason schedule. The Devils will host the Rangers on Monday, Sept. 17, and they will also play a road game against the Montreal Canadiens that night.

The schedule also includes road games against the New York Islanders, Rangers and Winnipeg Jets.

Prior to the start of training camp and the preseason, Devils prospects will again take part in the Prospects Challenge in Buffalo. Devils prospects will play in three games against prospects from the Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins from Sept. 7-10 at HarborCenter in Buffalo.

I have no idea where all of this is coming from, Owens told me this week. I have nothing to do with Julio except training. This is the media trying [to] create something that’s not even there. It’s very unfortunate. What possible reason would they have to create that narrative?

To be clear: Based on Ledbetter’s report, it’s not the media that’s creating this narrative; it’s the Falcons.

The truth is Jones wants more money because Jones wants more money.

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