Carson Wentz Provides a Cure for the Eagles’ White House Blues

jets_063We came to Eagles headquarters seeking political intrigue, the kind that sparks national debate and gets top billing at the big-time news networks.

The arm is alive, I’ll tell you that much, Ertz said Wednesday of Wentz. He throws the ball just like he did last year. Obviously, he’s in a brace. That’s pretty much the only way you can tell that something’s going on.

Knowing that everything he does — he’s collected, he gets in that huddle ,and he demands. But he showed us in the offseason, before we even started OTAs. He’s bringing us along, we’re doing outings together, hockey games and all those things. He’s taking control. . . . We all get together and understand each other. Because that’s what a team is, understanding each other. If we understand each other then we get on the field, it’s easy.

Maybe the Vikings didn’t fully understand what they had with Keenum. Or maybe they thought he could only take a team so far. Regardless, both the Broncos and the Vikings will be paying close attention to what Keenum accomplishes in Denver, and Vikings fans will be comparing what Keenum does in Denver to what Kirk Cousins does in Minnesota.

Elliott is now free and clear of a 2017 that was marred by legal troubles, the lingering threat of suspension and then an actual suspension that shortened his season by six games. As viewers of All or Nothing know, the drama clearly took a toll on the star running back, who never seemed quite himself after that spectacular rookie campaign of 2016. We expect Elliott to be much closer to his rookie version this fall, and don’t be surprised when all the stories about Elliott being in the best shape of his life start piling up in August. Elliott will be motivated and unburdened, and — given the suspect state of the Dallas passing game — will assuredly continue to be the focal point of the offense. Zeke gonna eat.

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