Call him Dr. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif: Chiefs offensive lineman earns medical degree

jets_060A little more than four years after being drafted into the NFL, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif achieved another major milestone on Tuesday.

The starting right guard for the Kansas City Chiefs graduated from medical school at McGill University in Montreal, earning his Doctor of Medicine and taking another step in a career that he described to ESPN as a really strong Plan Bto football.

I’m proud to be in the NFL, and it’s been an incredible journey to get here, Duvernay-Tardif told ESPN, but being able to combine medical school at the same time, this is the accomplishment I’m proudest about, to be able to combine both. So many times I heard people tell me I’d have to make a choice.

This year, Andy Pettitte will be making his first Old-Timers’ Day appearance. So, too, will current manager Aaron Boone, Jason Giambi and Nick Swisher. The game is scheduled for Sunday, June 17.

I’m just a regular upper-middle-class guy who happens to be a billionaire, Tepper told New York Magazine in 2010. A spokesman for Tepper declined an interview request for this story.

As ordinary as a billionaire can be, Tepper drove a minivan, quoted ’80s movies and seemed to find motivation in settling old scores. He’s the type of person who, according to that magazine profile, sometimes thought about buying a restaurant just so he could fire a waiter who had been rude to him, and at a reception decades after graduation, Tepper called out a high school girlfriend by name. After Tepper’s hedge fund made $7.5 billion eight years ago after he correctly bet on a government bailout following the Great Recession, Tepper paid $43.5 million for the beachfront mansion of a former Goldman Sachs supervisor who had passed him over for promotion. Then he had the house demolished.

Around that same time, the NFL — which already was facing a growing crisis involving concussion research and the health and safety of players — was embroiled in a labor dispute with the players’ union that eventually led to the longest work stoppage in pro football history. Scandal upon high-profile scandal seemed to stack up on a league, ranging from football-related issues such as the Saints coaches awarding bounties for injuring opponents and Tom Brady’s involvement with altering the air pressure in footballs to off-field issues such as domestic violence and national anthem demonstrations.

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