Anderson hadn’t missed a field goal since the previous season.

Brian Billick: On third down [and 7 from the Atlanta 21] I looked at Denny and was like, What do you want me to do? Want me to take a shot here? He says No. Get in position to kick the field goal, kick the field goal and we go to the Super Bowl. I turned my back to the field because I figured we’re going to the Super Bowl. Gary hadn’t missed one all year long. He was 100 percent. Had not missed a field goal all season, so I’m going back to the Gatorade thinking it’s over. Then I hear the crowd groan, and I look up and see we had missed the field goal.

Brad Johnson: Like, I don’t even know if Gary even missed in practice. That’s how good he was. I think someone got loose on the left end and they almost blocked it, and he tried to slice it in there. But he took responsibility. He was a man about it, and you know, those things happen.

Marie Green: Dennis didn’t speak much on the way home, and usually when he doesn’t speak that’s when you worry. And I remember clearly, we were sitting upstairs and the phone rang. So I looked at the caller ID and it said THE WHITE HOUSE. And so, of course I answered the phone, and there was someone who said, I have President Clinton on the line. He’d like to speak with coach Dennis Green. Is he available?

Obviously, he’s an important player, Murphy said, via Rob Reischel of Forbes. He wants to be here, and we want him to be here. When both sides have a common interest, you get deals done.

Rodgers, 34, has two years remaining on a five-year, $110 million deal, but his $22 million salary this season makes him only the ninth highest-paid player at his position. Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garoppolo all signed lucrative deals this offseason.

Rodgers and the Packers haven’t yet found a non-traditional contract idea amenable to both sides. It could mean tying his annual pay to the annual percentage increases of the salary cap, fully guaranteeing the deal or allowing him to rework his deal when another quarterback passes Rodgers as the highest paid.

The two-time MVP and a Super Bowl MVP will get a new deal that makes him the highest-paid player in the NFL. It’s a matter of when, not if.

Aaron has been great — obviously a great player, Murphy said. But my wife says, ‘It’s a good thing he’s the face of the franchise and not you.’ He represents the organization well.

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