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Panthers waive tight end who failed PED test

The Panthers added tight end Kent Taylor to their practice squad last December, and he made news two weeks ago when he was suspended for failing a PED test.

He won’t get a chance to add to his Panthers legacy.

Per the league’s official transaction report, the Panthers waived the reserve tight end yesterday. He had signed a futures deal in January, but wasn’t expected to make the regular season roster or anything.

They filled his roster spot by signing tackle Korren Kirven, who had been recently released by the Jets and cleared waivers. The former undrafted free agent from Alabama has spent time with the Buccaneers and Browns as well.

Gase pushed back on the idea that he signed Osweiler — the jettisoned Texans and Browns starter — simply because of their time together in Denver, saying he probably took longer than everybody else to warm up to the idea of adding Brock.

Nacua played in every game for the Browns last season after signing with the team as an undrafted free agent out of BYU. He made three starts at safety, played 139 special teams snaps and finished the year with 14 tackles.

With Tony Jefferson and Eric Weddle still on hand at safety, Nacua will vie for a reserve/special teams role with Baltimore. Sixth-round pick DeShon Elliott will be among the players competing with Nacua for playing time.

It’s been more than six months since Bears tight end Zach Miller nearly lost his leg after he seemingly came down with an incredible touchdown catch against the Saints, only to have that touchdown overturned due to an official review that never really made complete sense. Six months later, Saints coach Sean Payton has admitted that Miller, now a free agent, did indeed catch that football and should’ve been rewarded with a touchdown.

Kim Pegula named Bills team president, expected to stay in role

When Bills president Russ Brandon stepped down/was pushed out yesterday after an investigation of inappropriate workplace relationships with women, a release said that Kim Pegula was taking over as team president of the Bills and Sabres.

She apparently intends to stay on the job.

On the right, the more reasonably clothed Northwestern University cheerleaders at an opening-week game in 2014 (the author of this article is fourth from the left).

More If NFL cheerleaders are no longer objectified, teams will have no reason to hold women to unhealthy body standards.

Both Davis and Ware say they were subjected to weekly weigh-ins to make sure they were at or below the weight they had auditioned at.

(Through counsel, the Saints said they have never required cheerleaders to submit to weekly weigh-ins.) Ware says many teams, like the Dolphins, had a three-pound leniency rule.

Given the stated importance of the new helmet rule, why wouldn’t the NFL allow missed ejections that would have been subject to replay review to be imposed via replay review? Thus, a de facto targeting rule will become the next logical step as the very broad lowering-the-helmet rule adopted secretly last month by the NFL’s owners becomes shaped and contoured by an even less transparent process that trades debate for mandate, and that risks fundamentally altering pro football as we know it.

This year was Ward’s first as a full-time starter at OSU (he played behind 2017 first-round picks Marshon Lattimore and Gareon Conley in 2016, and ’16 first-rounder Eli Apple, Conley and others in ’15), and he ascended through the season, which was key.

And while the NFL universally loved Chubb, he was never athletically seen like Myles Garrett was last year or Jadeveon Clowney was four years ago, part of why Ward was given a better shot to be truly elite at his position.broncos_128_f486199b8fb2f027-180x180

Tom Brady can admit to the high-rollers at some corporate powwow that, yes, sometimes he clashes with his longtime bosses.

But Roethlisberger and the other bruised berries aren’t really daring to be honest and open. They are being almost cowardly when they communicate through riddles, rumors, sly suggests and zingers. They have the power and job security to be blunt, but they would rather be coy and invite the kind of attention and speculation that they pretend to hate.

Rodgers can state, flat-out, that he wants to have a say in Packers personnel decisions. Flacco can acknowledge that he’s in professional peril and that his only recourse is to get to work. Roethlisberger can mark the territory around his locker without going out of his way to wreck a rookie’s first week in the NFL.

Le’Veon Bell never gets a guarantee that extends beyond the franchise tag, but Roethlisberger feels free to get territorial about a third-round pick. Brady makes cryptic remarks at events that sound like settings in Tom Wolfe novels while the Patriots trade away his backup, a potential franchise quarterback, and then pick the least-threatening quarterbacks on the draft board to assure him that he’s still their one and only.

Even among NFL royalty, these quarterbacks are more royal than most, which makes it really off-putting when they get petulant about the tiniest setback or slight.

Quarterbacks on the Roethlisberger-Brady-Rodgers tier are paid not just to win games, but also to represent our highest ideals of professionalism and leadership. That’s why team execs throw around phrases like face of the franchise, why Ryan’s very-good-but-not-great play is worth a $100 million guarantee (his extreme corporate blandness is considered an asset) and why independent-minded prospects like Josh Rosen give old-school football guys the willies. Teams don’t want their quarterbacks to be about anything except winning the next football game.sharks-026

Judge whiffed twice. So did Tyler Austin and Gleyber Torres.

Yankees righty Domingo German had a no hitter going through six innings against the Indians on Sunday at Yankee Stadium.

But manager Aaron Boone pulled him before the seventh inning, putting in reliever Dellin Betances with the score knotted at 0-0.

Lawmakers had been pushing last month for more access to a handful of cables and other CIA material that might shed more light on Haspel’s work. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said the more material she reads about Haspel’s role in the interrogation program, including the destruction of tapes, the more unsettled she has become.

Last month, the CIA declassified an internal disciplinary review that found no fault with the performance of Haspel in the destruction of the videotapes. Haspel drafted a cable approving the destruction that her boss ultimately sent to field officers, who fed the tapes into a shredding machine. But she believed that he would first get the approval of senior CIA leaders before sending it, according to people with knowledge of the episode.

The release of the disciplinary review may persuade some lawmakers who had been undecided to support Haspel, said congressional officials tracking the nomination process.

LAST APPEARANCE: Made his fth appearance of the season in Tuesday’s win at Houston, tossing 4.0 shutout innings (4H, 1BB, 4K)…matched his longest Major League outing (also 6/17/17 at Oakland)…was the longest relief appearance by the Yankees since Bryan Mitchell (4.0IP, 0R) on 8/8/17 at Toronto.

Amid the questioning in the West Wing on Friday afternoon, Haspel told White House aides she did not want her nomination to harm the CIA. She also feared unfair attacks on her own reputation, saying that she didn’t want to be the next Ronny Jackson, one official said. Jackson, Trump’s White House doctor, withdrew his nomination to become Veterans Affairs secretary following questions regarding alleged misconduct earlier in his career. tigers_050-115x115